The biggest fear of any off-plan homebuyer is that call from the developer – often halfway through the construction phase – disclosing alarming cost overruns which, as a matter of course, are never his fault and must be attributed to a host of variables – all outside the control of anybody involved.

The buyer, already financially committed, has no choice but to pay up whatever sum is being asked. Recourse is seldom available leaving the hapless buyer not only out of pocket but also feeling duped – or worse.

There is a reason why off-plan properties are not the hottest ticket in the upper end of the residential real estate market.

As part of its unrelenting quest to improve upon industry best practices with increased efficiencies and synergies, LIVV has also remapped the client journey from start to finish. The company’s key objective was to eradicate the many uncertainties and imponderables homebuyers face along the way.

This led to the solemn LIVV Promise regarding on-spec, on-time, and on-budget delivery. The LIVV Promise is backed up by an impeccable track record spanning […] years – the envy of the industry – and countless testimonials of invariably happy and satisfied buyers.

Thanks to the use of durable noble materials, sustainable construction methods, and open-architecture technology, LIVV customizable luxury homes are built for the ages. They are, essentially, future-proof. And so is the company’s dedication to its customers. The almost legendary LIVV aftersales service ensures that homes are kept up-to-date and up-to-spec throughout their extended lifecycle. This also ensures that a LIVV home is likely to appreciate over time well above market benchmarks. Though outside the LIVV Promise, the exceptional value stored in each LIVV home represents an equally exceptional likelihood that it remains one of the most solid hedges against the vagaries of the broader market, regardless circumstances.

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