LIVV homes deliver a measure of magic that is often difficult to grasp in its entirety. The LIVV magic is, however, very real and far from hype. It delivers as promised.

Each of the homes built by the Las-Vegas based developer comes with a fully featured home automation system that goes way beyond the standard appliances and connectivity usually employed in attempts at smartening up a house. The LIVV intelligent home, unique in the world, is managed by a single system that uses artificial intelligence to dynamically design algorithms whereby all connected devices are aware of the other’s existence and settings. This integrated tech environment monitors daily usage by the home’s occupants, and their lifestyle routines, to automatically adjust settings to individual preferences.

Thanks to machine learning – the perfection over time of the system’s performance based on experience – the LIVV intelligent home can anticipate its occupants’ needs – as if by magic. Adjustment for time of day, season, and environmental conditions is automatic and includes adjustments to all connected devices, ensuring an optimum indoor environment and ambiance under all circumstances.

LIVV is the only company in the world that has managed to design and build an integrated and self-managing home automation system. It accommodates any lifestyle and is easily upgradeable to incorporate further advances in technology.

The state-of-the-art LIVV home automation system is completely unobtrusive and, as such, in line with the company’s vision that technology should be noted but not seen. As with everything LIVV, the company’s intelligent homes deliver on their promise.

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