The future of sustainable luxury living has arrived. Now you may live large on a diminutive environmental footprint – and do so without compromises.

The full range of LIVV customizable luxury homes shares a common denominator in human-centric design, intelligent home automation, contemporary architecture, and a peerless attention to detail and convenience. LIVV homes are transformative in conception and execution: this home cares for you and your family’s wellbeing, security, and privacy in multiple ways. In the background, the discreet power of artificial intelligence (AI) ensures personalized comfort by adjusting settings and parameters to match the individual preferences of occupants.

Both a homebuilder and a tech company, LIVV helps drive a paradigm shift in the way people and their living spaces interact. LIVV’s customizable luxury homes are at cutting edge of this shift and incorporate many features not available elsewhere – mostly developed inhouse by the company’s technologists. LIVV homes respond dynamically to the occupants’ personal preferences which allows the integrated home automation system to anticipate their needs – and reshape ambiances to match.

For all their tech wizardry, LIVV architects draw inspiration from nature to create eco-friendly homes. Construction materials are selected for low to negligible environmental impact, durability, strength, low maintenance, and of course esthetics. Unobtrusive technology is employed to enable net-zero operation of the home without affecting the usability of devices and appliances. This way, design and technology collaborate towards the realization of a harmonious, luxurious, and personalized living environment.

LIVV homes are flexible by design not just in the way they respond to user demands and preferences but also easily accommodate changes in personal circumstance. As families resize and their needs change, and as technology progresses, LIVV homes adapt and absorb – on the fly. The sustainability elements of LIVV homes, built in from conception, makes them future proof as well. As such, a LIVV home represents exceptional value for money.

LIVV homes are highly customizable with 10 models, 3 façades, and 9 floor plans to choose from, resulting in over 250 possible combinations. Add to that wealth of choice the 3 available interior design styles – Euro Chic, Modern Flare, and Natural Boho – and it becomes obvious that no two LIVV homes are alike – and can be made to mirror your style and personality.

A LIVV home is almost instantly recognizable by its gorgeous curb appeal. These homes stand out and stand proud – a testament to style and elegance. Minimalist without going to the Marie Kondō extreme, LIVV homes feature free-flowing lines and borderless spaces that exude sophistication and a distinct sense of openness. The indoors and outdoors are seamlessly joined to form a single, vast, and inviting ambiance.

LIVV customizable luxury homes greatly benefit from an environment that matches and complements their design criteria. Neo, in Henderson, is the world’s first fully sustainable and net-zero-ready luxury community. Here, an overcomplete suite of amenities and services – all powered, perfected, and individualized by the meticulous application of AI – awaits LIVV homeowners.

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