Ultimate luxury at an equitable price

Get it all for a lot less. Live the LIVV life in MAGNUS, a community that combines the ultimate in luxury and convenience without cutting corners but also without breaking the bank.

Located in family-friendly Enterprise, in South West Las Vegas, where inhabitants are determined to preserve the scenic and rural character of their community.

At MAGNUS, intelligent LIVV luxury homes come with the brand’s same celebrated style and finishing, the same stunning design, the same options – yet with considerably more flexibility in the layout of your home and its grounds.

Maximized luxury at minimized prices. Smarter and less costly than your current home – and with much more curb appeal and luxury too. Choose from 7 home models, 2 exterior styles, 3 interior design styles, and up to 6 floor plans.

MAGNUS is a gated community with high-tech features to ensure your privacy and security 24/7. Just 94 lots available in a surrounding with meticulously planned drought-resistant landscaping that provides ample shade and brings the desert alive. Prices starting at just $1.2m.

The deal of a lifetime awaits you in MAGNUS.

*The sitemap is subject to final remapping. What is shown on this sales map are the anticipated locations of the boundaries, lots, and roads. The final map locations, however, remain subject to change, pending government approval.