Livv is a new breed of homes - a hybrid original, that is human-centric, luxurious and surprisingly affordable! Discover a home that adjusts seamlessly as your life grows, shifts, and evolves—fitting perfectly into your life, and accommodating your every need. Revolutionize the way you live—and make home the most comfortable place on earth.
tesla Powered Homes
The future requires clean power. Integrating cutting-edge battery technology into homes, LIVV communities are the first in the world powered entirely by Tesla batteries.
Personalized living reaches far beyond, a Tesla Model 3 is incorporated with the purchase of a Livv home.
Whatever your lifestyle, it accompanies you all the way.
tesla Powered Homes Smart
Tesla Model 3 included
Homes with </br> No Power Bill Consumption
Live large without taxing nature – or power bills. Live sustainably without restrictions. Just LIVV.
Our homes and communities are net-zero by design and spark a virtuous cycle that benefits both residents and the environment. The carbon footprint has been reduced to a minute toehold. Clean electricity is generated and stored onsite.
Homes that learn your behavior and adapt to it
Smart technology becomes truly intelligent through machine learning. LIVV homes grow with you, enhancing your daily living and catering to your personal needs. If your routine changes, your home adapts to meet those changing needs.

Personalized living becomes a second nature to your home and its surroundings as they adapt to your preferences – seamlessly.
<span style="max-width: 500px; width: 100%; display: block;">Comfort and Luxury at Home - Your Way</span>
LIVV homes are built for the ambitious, the creative, the passionate. The power of AI allows people with busy schedule to reclaim their lives. LIVV’s AI takes care of the little things so you can focus on what’s big — Efficiency as a driver of performance.